In 2021 the project was developed in 6 villages of the Deadly Coast, in 2022 it was in 7 villages, 9 villages in 2023, and during 2024 we aim to be in 10 villages. This privileged area claims to be declared as a Local Surfing Reserve:
A Laracha, Carballo, Coristanco, Malpica de Bergantiños, Ponteceso, Cabana de Bergantiños, Vimianzo, Zas and Camariñas.”

Some other villages were «Miño and Mugardos». Also we were in “Valdoviño and Ferrol” villages located in Costa das Ondas. This area of Galicia is also a natural Surfing paradise and it’s working to be declared as a Local Surfing Reserve.

In 2021 we worked with 15 schools to reach more than 1.000 students.
In 2022 we worked with 17 schools to reach 1.440 students at the centers and 1.239 at the beach.
In 2023 we worked with 25 schools to reach 1.401 students
(With the support of Deputación da Coruña and the Town Halls)

In 2024 we are aiming to grow organically, with the primary objective of strengthen the project in the places were we are already working.

Deputacion da Coruna